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The Fuel of the Future

At H2MB, we are working towards developing the hydrogen economy in Manitoba by building a green hydrogen production facility and working with local industries to introduce new fuel cell technologies that can reduce emissions and decarbonize industries. Our goal is to not only help build this economy & marketplace, but at its core, to be able to produce and deliver the lowest cost green hydrogen in the prairie region of Canada.

Our mission is clear: to inspire and drive sustainable futures worldwide. We passionately believe in innovating for a greener future, championing economic prosperity and environmental well-being in all the communities and countries that we serve. We pledge to lead the way towards a world where every single action we take nurtures and protects our planet. We are determined to make a meaningful and positive impact in the world, and we remain dedicated to fostering a brighter future for all.

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We believe hydrogen presents a real opportunity to achieving a zero emissions future. As a low cost and clean fuel source, hydrogen can be used across many industries to help reduce greenhouse gasses and power a sustainable world.


Green hydrogen is set to be the fuel of the future.

Feedstock for Industry

Today the largest current use of Hydrogen is as an input for chemical processes such as ammonia production, methanol production, oil refining and steel production. Hydrogen is a major input for industry applications.

Heat & Power

Hydrogen can be used to generate heat and power for residential or commercial buildings. Hydrogen can be mixed with natural gas to reduce emissions. Can be used as centralized power or distributed power.


Hydrogen can be used as a fuel for transportation such as for busses, passenger vehicles, forklifts, delivery vehicles, heavy duty fleets, rail, marine & aviation, among others.

Future Opportunities

Hydrogen has an opportunity to be implemented in hard to abate sectors to help reduce emissions. Opportunities exist to test new fuel cell technology as the world transitions to a zero emissions future.

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